RT Marketing Services— Right On Target

Right On Target Branding, Strategic Marketing, and Advertising Services for Remodelers, Home Builders, Designers, Manufacturers, Contractors, and other Building Professionals. We work tirelessly to bring your unique brand to light. It’s our mission to provide you with expert advice on the most current, effective marketing strategies and trends in both the marketing world and the building industry. RT Marketing employs a wide variety of online and offline tactics to tailor a branding and marketing strategy that works wonders for you and your business. Our personalized, adaptive approach to your marketing means that everything is Right on Target. Here are Three Strategies Right on Target—— • Create and Build Brand Awareness • Communicate with Prospects • Communicate with Customers. Which strategy is right for you? There are a lot of factors that help determine this, but the basic answer is this: use whatever strategy is best for your to execute on a consistent basis, right now. And, everything you do should be done with your brand top of mind. Every touch point prospects or customers have with you serves to strengthen your brand and build awareness. —A Souza Enterprise
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