We are a non-profit organization made up of members in over 80 independent businesses. Our members include architects, builders, designers, interior designers, and a variety of product and service providers and showrooms that support the design and build industry.

Our Mission

We connect professionals in the design and build industries through networking and professional development opportunities.

Our Vision

We strive to be the go-to resource for area residents and businesses seeking a professional service or product in the design and building industries.


We collaborate, promote, and educate our members through a mutual commitment to excellence and success, and contribute to the uniqueness of Annapolis by partnering with other area community organizations.

GOAL 1: Maintain and grow the membership base and be the go-to resource in the Annapolis area for any design-related service or product.

GOAL 2: Provide our members with resources to grow their businesses.

GOAL 3: Support and enhance the vibrancy of the Design District while also preserving the unique history of Annapolis.