Annapolis Maritime Antiques & AMA Woodworks

Welcome to Annapolis Maritime Antiques and AMA Woodworks, your premier destination for maritime antiques and nautical-themed decor. Nestled in the historic heart of Eastport, we offer a treasure trove of authentic maritime artifacts that capture the essence of naval history and oceanic adventure. From vintage navigational instruments to ship relics and everything in between, our carefully curated collection is perfect for maritime enthusiasts looking to own a piece of history. At our wood shop, AMA Woodworks, we extend our passion for the sea into custom furniture design, specializing in nautical-based pieces that blend functionality with unique, ocean-inspired aesthetics. Our skilled artisans expertly craft each item, whether you're seeking a bespoke piece to complement your home or a custom solution for a specific need. In addition to our custom creations, we provide expert restoration and repair services, breathing new life into worn or damaged furniture with precision and care. Whether you're decorating a coastal retreat, searching for the perfect maritime antique, or in need of custom woodworking, Annapolis Maritime Antiques and AMA Woodworks are your guides to capturing the spirit of the sea. Visit us to explore our collections and services, and let us help you bring a touch of nautical charm into your life.
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