GADD Funds AACC Student Scholarship Fund

May 31, 2023 News

The Greater Annapolis Design District (GADD) has developed an Annual Scholarship Fund “The Scholarship for Skilled Trades & Design/Build Industry” with the Anne Arundel Community College Foundation.

Donations will help to reward AACC students who work diligently to further their education in the “built environment”.

The Scholarship has an annual minimum requirement of $5,000. While some members have generously donated, the fund was over $4,000 short of meeting the minimum requirement. The Board of Directors voted to redirect funds to the scholarship to ensure students can be awarded the scholarship in the fall of 2023.

We encourage all of our Members to consider donating to this important endeavor. Future funds received will be used towards the 2024 school year.

Click HERE to donate.

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