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April 30, 2018 Member Spotlight

What types of woodworking projects is your company best known for making?

Chesapeake Cabinet and Woodworks is known for making quality fine furniture, cabinets, and countertops. We get requests every day from homeowners and builders for custom wood countertops made with woods such as Budinga (from Africa) or American Black Walnut; items such as coffee or end tables; and built-in cabinetry and shelving units painted or with natural and stained woods. We are known for combining creativity with a high level of expertise and attention to detail into every piece we produce.

Do you notice any customer trends or requests?

We’ve been getting a lot of requests recently for slab wood table tops and countertops in both exotic and domestic woods. You’ll see pictured a custom dining room table top that we constructed using Shedua wood from Africa with a high gloss clear coat that has been polished to a mirror finish.

Tell us some history behind Chesapeake Cabinet and Woodworks.

Mike Huber was a general contractor focusing on home remodeling for many years. Recognizing that his true passion was reproducing or restoring 18th century furniture pieces, Mike established Chesapeake Cabinet and Woodworks where he produces every custom woodworking piece by hand. Shown is one of Mike’s replicas, a 1765 Philadelphia grandfather clock made completely by his hands. Other similar pieces are proudly displayed in the Naval Academy Chapel.

With over 32 years of woodworking experience, Chesapeake Cabinet and Woodworks is located within the Annapolis Design District off of George Avenue.

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