Business Spotlight: Nielsen Development Group (NDG) – Q&A

March 28, 2024 Member Spotlight

With over two decades of building and remodeling experience in the Anne Arundel area, Brant Nielsen, founder and CEO of Nielsen Development Group (NDG), shared the following with us. Brant began his career in the construction business as a teenager by hand pouring concrete and eventually established his own construction company at the age of 29. He credits integrity, quality craftsmanship, and a commitment to core values for NDG’s longstanding success.

What are NDG’s core values?

NDG’s six core values as a company are Faith, Integrity, Relationship, Excellence, Teamwork, and Community. These business core values are an extension of the work ethic and principles instilled in Brant during his youth. “Brant is a man of character, principles, and integrity. His

name is on the work as much as our name is on our house,” stated Scott, a recent client. Brant is involved in the day-to-day operations and in every facet of the NDG projects, and the NDG Customer Solutions Team and individual employees share in this value-driven approach. Another client, Michael, shared “…The project was always on time, and I was kept consistently updated on all progress…..It was truly a great experience. The work exceeded my expectations in every way….”

Tell us about NDG’s business model.

95% of NDG’s business is from referrals, which are new build, renovation, and large custom addition projects. They also focus on kitchen and baths, painting, and roof replacements. NDG typically follows a Cost-Plus model, which is very transparent and appealing to their clients. Many of NDG’s recent projects are waterfront custom homes. An NDG client will come to them with their own architect, or they can refer them to one.

Please share an industry challenge you’ve recently encountered.

Permitting. During the last quarter of 2023 NDG had four large projects delayed due to permitting issues. Through the focused efforts of their Construction Operations Director, they managed to get all of those projects started during the first quarter of 2024. For the greater good of the overall project, NDG now navigates their projects through the permitting process using a proactive schedule and team their efforts with architects, engineers, and expeditors.

For additional information, please visit or call (833) 634-6683 (NDG-MOVE).

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