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May 1, 2024 News

Business leaders with a strong understanding of psychological principles have been proven to significantly contribute to a company’s success.  So it’s no surprise that two former Psychology students (and college roommates) who partnered and incorporated such principles into their business strategies were predestined for success.  In 2005, Charlie Koppels and Paul Drupals left their college days behind and established In Home Stone on a foundation of principles and values that helped grow their business over the next two decades.  Paul shared the following with us.

How do you describe “In Home Stone”?

As importers of stone from Brazil and Italy, In Home stocks an inventory of 1,500 unique slabs of marble, quartz, and granite.  Collaborating with manufacturers, they also carry other premium surfaces such Cosentino’s Dekton and Silestone.  In Home Stone began with a single showroom in 2004 and quickly expanded to include fabrication and significant warehouse space in their Annapolis campus located on both corners of Virginia and Edgewood Streets.  A new location in Selbyville, Delaware, and partnership with ADU and KBC helped establish the Delmarva Design Center.  With this expansion, In Home Stone has become the premier supplier and fabricator of surfaces in the Delmarva region.   They also offer a large variety of tile and extensive design assistance at both locations, as well as restoration services.

Please describe a hurdle to overcome in your business.

Setting realistic expectations for a mutually successful outcome.  Making every attempt at accuracy with an internal barcoding system and imagery of live inventory, assigning dedicated project sales and production teams, and using advanced imaging software of green screen layouts establishes In Home’s dedication to quality and workmanship.  However, working with large slabs of stone and fabrication machinery in the multifaceted and schedule-driven design and build industry can be challenging.  Relying on the principles of positive interactions and strong interpersonal relationships with a team approach allows In Home to overcome such business obstacles.

With installations in residences and businesses throughout the region, tell us about a memorable project.

In Home Stone has worked in the White House!  With a clearance to work on Federal properties, In Home has completed projects for the White House, FBI, and the FAA.

How Does the Next Decade Look for In Home Stone?

In Home Stone is considering showroom expansions in the DC and Virginia areas.  Charlie and Paul will continue to take annual buying trips abroad to hand select and import premium stones and they plan to broaden their stocked tile program.  Regardless of past or future growth, Charlie and Paul are dedicated to maintaining the personal aspect of working with you on your design, build or renovation projects.

For additional information, please visit or contact Paul or Charlie at 410-626-2025.

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