Business Spotlight: Gold Seal Services – Q&A

March 1, 2024 News

Gold Seal Services was established in 2007 as an affiliate to a high-end residential and commercial construction company to provide maintenance services to former construction clients.  Fast forward 16 years and we find Gold Seal’s award-winning property maintenance, home repair and improvement, and handyman services under such broad demand that the company is expanding their service offerings and territory. Brandon Jones, CEO, answered the following questions regarding Gold Seal and his team being turn-key home service providers:

What three words best describe the Gold Seal experience? 

Deeply personalized care.  Our services are custom tailored to each person or family’s wants and needs.  Our mission is to stay small as we grow, meaning the voice on the phone will always be recognized and the team member entering a home will be familiar with that home.  We build relationships with our clients and understand how they live in their homes.  Where we park or the family pet is kept during the day and which door we use to enter – these details matter. We are your family’s “primary care doctor” for the home whether it is for occasional or planned maintenance or for the many specialized projects that come up. We are a resource for our clients for projects as small as fixing a squeaking door or replacing a roof or all the windows. We hang art, paint rooms, replace shutters, install cabinets, trim, and finish floors. We also perform home checks while you are traveling. If you want your air conditioning set and your fridge stocked when you come home, we take care of that. You name it, from roof to foundation, we do it.

What different service plans do you offer?

Our ad hoc services are considered unplanned to include calls for roof, leak repair, siding, drywall and plaster, masonry, plumbing repairs, and many, many other services.  We also get single calls for home improvement or handyman services such as painting, refurbishing a powder room, refacing a kitchen, or working with a Real Estate buyer or selling agent on a new home purchase or preparing a home to be listed for sale.

To provide the personalized property care and services for which we’re renowned, we offer proactive and customized home maintenance plans with our Gold Seal Protection Plan program.  From comprehensive, robust, custom plans to our high-value Home Essentials Plan, including quarterly visits managing a whole host of home care needs, we can tailor a maintenance program to the uniqueness of a home or family’s needs.

Tell us what Gold Seal offers specifically to Maryland waterfront property owners.

We understand each area we service presents unique needs based on many conditions, and shore living certainly calls for a particular type of home care. We developed a plan specifically for certain homes we service throughout the greater Annapolis and the Eastern Shore areas. This plan comes with many of the common needs appealing to our clients anywhere, such as gutter cleaning and electrical maintenance. However, living near the water is a lifestyle choice that has us paying special attention to protecting the joys sought in living on or near the water. This plan provides more specific seasonal care, such as dock maintenance, cleaning of terraces and decks, handling of patio furniture, and so forth in the Spring. We also know these homes need plenty of recurrent maintenance such as leaf and property cleanup, maintaining dock hoses, and preparing items for periodic storage, which typically take place in the Fall timeframe.  Many of our clients adopt the “shore plan” as designed, using it as a great starting point to add or remove tasks to suit the unique needs of the home. Our business is really built to treat each home as our only focus, and I believe our clients would attest to that.

For additional information, please visit or call 410.583.1010.  A gold standard home care team member will answer your call.

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