Bayview Builders

September 26, 2018 Member Spotlight

Turning the Vision of Homeowners and
Architects into a Reality

The “About” section of your website states that Bayview can “self perform and not subcontract…”  Can you tell me more about this aspect of your company’s business model?  Our company’s early background as a carpentry subcontractor laid the foundation for being a quality builder by giving us a better understanding of the entire construction process. We still self-perform rough framing, interior and exterior trim, and shop built cabinetry work – all with Bayview employees and resources, some of whom have been with us for over 15 years.

When approaching a new home construction project, what is a realistic timeline that a homeowner can expect?  Building a quality custom waterfront home from the ground up requires overseeing several working components that must be closely managed and done in sequence.  Typically, we see new home construction in the year-long time range, while large remodeling projects can be a bit shorter.  Prior to construction, working with an Architect and Site Engineer on the planning and design can take from six months to a year, when factoring in zoning, grading plans, and permitting.

What is Bayview’s “Home Concierge Service”?  We implement quality building projects that withstand the test of time, and we want our relationships with our clients to do the same. For our existing clients, we are the only call they need to make – from tailored service contracts and seasonal maintenance to follow-on projects, we offer our Home Concierge Service for the years to come.  Some of the residences we service are second homes for our clients, and this service helps keep their homes well maintained and looking fresh.

Bayview Builders is located at 1912 A Lincoln Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401.  Their building features one of the many colorful murals sprinkled throughout the area.  Please visit for more information and to review Bayview’s portfolio.

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