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Riley Custom Homes is a local home builder that focuses on high-end custom homes and remodeling projects of all types. Uncompromising quality and superior customer service are Riley’s guiding principles, from foundation to paint.

What is the history Behind Riley Custom Homes?

John Riley, President of Riley Custom Homes, worked in the building trade as a native Annapolitan teenager and became very passionate about the business. He established Riley Custom Homes over 38 years ago and still loves working with people helping to make their dream home a reality.

How does Riley Custom Homes approach project challenges?

John enjoys overcoming challenges that can arise during the home building process. To him there are no problems, just solutions. Every project will present some sort of difficulty in one way or another; however, with the right team in place, challenges can be resolved to the client’s satisfaction. The journey from start to finish can sometimes be long and arduous, but in the end it is always a special moment to share with the client when they realize their goals were met and sometimes exceeded.

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